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LOAN FOR RESIDENTIAL OR COMMERCIAL PROPERTIES ALSO JUMBO HOMES Private Money Private money and hard money loans. Reputable company. Purchases, refinances, or cash-out of real estate UP TO 5 yrS 3 POINTS AND UP 8% INTEREST AND UP TO 13% Can fund in seven to 10 days (if needed) Also on Jumbo Homes in California No origination fee No upfront fee Credit BK OR foreclosure is not a issue Purchase, Fix n Flips, Cash out or Refis And Transactional funding will fund 100% (means you have a funding of A to B person then funding on B to C person) no interest rate, use money up to 30 days only FUND VERY FAST AND EASY VERY LITTLE DOC?S NEEDED CALIFORNIA No OWNER OCC on Residential WE DONT CARE ABOUT YOUR CREDIT or BK PURCHASE, REFI OR FIX N FLIP INVESTMENT PROPERTIES and Commercial Properties CALL OR EMAIL FOR INFO COMMERCIAL LENDERS 801-424-xxxxListing originally posted at http